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Full-stack marketing for highly technical products

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cbright specializes in marketing to engineers, particularly in audio, IoT and SaaS platforms.

You can’t fool these guys: Your ROI case needs to be crystal clear and fluff-free, but at the same time, your story needs to create excitement and your design has to look deliberate.

On the backend, you need to model your sales forecast & budget, and probably plan on some marketing automation.

To be successful, someone needs to be thinking how all this fits together. That’s the full-stack part, and that’s exactly what cbright is good at.

Four Truths about Engineers

Engineers are problem solvers: If your tool makes their problem solving easier, they will buy it.
Engineers do not tolerate fakers: If you do try to fake it, they will catch you and they’ll never listen again.
Engineers are not one-dimensional: Yes, they need the specs, but they also want to get excited.
Engineers consider their output mission-critical: They will pay for the best, as long as they can justify it.


Full-stack marketing is a philosophy that says every component of a marketing plan should be informed by every other component.

A full-stack marketer doesn’t necessarily have to excel in every marketing discipline, but they should be able to articulate what’s required and know enough to evaluate each deliverable.


Cbright can collaborate on strategy and help set up your marketing backend. Then we can get to work on the deliverables for PR, content, website, collateral, SEO, and digital advertising, all with one point of contact for your team so you always know who to call.

We also offer a sales enablement service called DealPoint. If you have a complex sales cycle, check it out.

Marketing Communication
A good marcom program can win the attention of even the busiest engineer if you promise to make their jobs easier or their product better. Remember: no hyperbole and make sure you deliver.

Conversion optimization
Don’t be afraid to be take risks with your offer, just make sure you’re A/B testing.

Content demonstrates value through applications and proves authority. Use keyword research to determine what topics your customers are searching for.

Product marketing framework
The central exchange between strategy & execution. Define target markets, value proposition, ROI, key messaging and customer persona. Make sure everyone signs off, because this framework defines what the company is promising to the world.

Lead generation
You have to qualify your leads before handing them over to Sales, but you’re also responsible for ensuring your leads are adequately serviced, so share your input on CRM & sales process.

Sales collateral
Sales doesn’t necessarily need a script, but they do need reference materials to tell your story and prove your authority.

Partner support
Win a disproportionate amount of your partners’ sales effort by making it easy to sell your product with a healthy margin.

Financial model
Without a strong model, you can never know whether you’re ahead or behind. The model sets expectations, makes budgeting easy and generates your Key Performance Indicators. If Marketing can own it, you’ll always have a seat at the table.